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Stadium of Epidaurus

Athletic games as well as rhapsody, music and drama races were part of the ritual that took place during the feast of Asclepius. The Stage of Epidaurus, as well as the rest of the stadiums located in large sanctuaries, was intended for the athletic events attracting a large number of visitors. The stadium was constructed in a natural cavity of the soil that was shaped appropriately for Athletes and the public.
The track has a length of 180.7 m and is surrounded by a porous water duct. At both ends of the track there were special start and finish venues for the race. Since the 4th century, for example, limestone chairs have been built for viewers. There is also an underground dome that was intended for the athletes to enter the arena.
In recent years the Epidaurus Monument Conservation Committee has completed the development of the track and the restoration of the seats on the south side of the Stadium. The restoration of the vault is underway.


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