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The most brilliant healing centre in the ancient world with a wonderful theatre where Maria Callas performed...

Our tour begins with a walk to the Asklipeion. The best sculptures, architects and artists of that age worked to create the Guesthouse, theBaths, the Stadium, the Tholos, The Propylaea, the Abaton, the Temple of Asklipeios.

We will visit the museum and end up at the theatre.

We will have the time to admire the harmony and the beauty of a well preserved monument matching ideal with the surroundings of natural environment.

Finally we'll have the opportunity to sit on the ancient seats of the theatre and test the unique in quality acoustics. Epidaurus Festival is an annual festival that takes place in this theatre. Apart from ancient drama, the theatre was also occasionally used for the performance of opera, dance, classical music, and other types of music.

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Duration: approx. 90 minutes 
*Private tour (for reservation click here)
Meeting point: The car park of the Archeological site of Epidaurus.

After the tour I suggest:
» visit to the biological oil press of the area.
» picnic under pine trees near the monuments.

Together we can organize a plan that suits you. The tour of Epidaurus can be combined with other archeological sites that you wish (Tiryns , Mycenae, Heraion, Nemea, Nafplio).

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