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mykines-01The tour of the archeological site begins at the cemetery of royal tombs dating from 17th-16th b.C. We are on top of the tomb of Clytemnestra admiring the view. Just take a look around and you will see what it was that made people decide to settle here!
Strategic location, control over the whole plain, water, natural protection by two mountains, fertile land, generally mild climate were among the reasons for founding an Acropolis.
We pass from the tholos tomb of Aegisthus to end up at the Lion Gate. We'll have a stop to admire the marvelous embossed and become aware of the power and authority that the Mycenaean Kings had. Next we see Grave circle A. It was Henry Schliemann who explored and excavated part of the royal cemetery, known as Grave circle A in 1876. Here he discovered really wonderful grave goods of gold, silver and other precious materials, that included pottery, jewelry, weapons and masks..

Walking up with the intention to reach the Palace we are fascinated by the view and we imagine the luxury and wealth of the royal family that lived there 3500 years ago. After seeing the Palace we explore the backside of the hill where the workshops and cistern existed. Having walked along almost the whole Cyclopean Wall we come across the North Gate. We will walk towards the museum.

The visit at the museum will give us the chance to experience the daily life of the Mycenaeans and admire the magnificent art of their ceramics.

To admire the most beautiful and best preserved beehive royal tomb in Greece built in the 14th century b.C we have to move 500 meters from the Acropolis to the treasury of Atreus (it has a car park for our car). Here we realize that Mycenaeans had the knowledge, the experience & the technology to build great monuments like this one, and were able to lift stones that are seriously heavy, up to 120 tons! For this visit we use the same ticket with the one of the museum and the Acropolis and that's how we complete our tour to Mycenae.



Duration: 90 minutes approximately

Private tour.

Meeting point: parking area of Archeological site of Mycenae.

For private tour book here

After the tour I suggest a visit to the nearby workshop of ceramics and relaxation at the coffee-shop which is in the same place.

Together we can organize a plan that suits you! The tour to Mycenae can be combined with other archeological sites that you wish.(Tiryns, Epidaurus, Heraio, Nemea, Nafplio).

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