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Nafplio tours by car



Our tour to Palamidi travels us back to the Medieval years, when Nafplio became the “golden apple” between Francs, Venetians and Turks. The conquerors alternate and leave their marks behind. Palamidi is the best preserved fortress of Venetians in Greece.

The visit to the bastion of Miltiades gives us the motive to talk about the imprisonment of Kolokotronis, when the fortress was used as a dismal and inhuman prison. We walk admiring the panoramic view of the Argolic gulf, plain and the mountains around us as the path leads to the bastion of Saint Andrea with its homonym church. We stand on the balconies and see the town of Nafplio stretching underfoot. We recognize the buildings and monuments of the Old Town. We explore the fortress, take photos and muse on every occasion.

Our access to Palamidi is from Nafplion town, possible either via motorway or by the known stairs (tradition says 999 steps).

Duration: 90 minutes.
Organized tours: every Saturday at 18:00.

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The tour of Palamidi can be combined with other archaeological sites that you wish (Tiryns, Mycenae, Heraion, Nemea, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Agia Moni).

twoΑγ. Μονή – Ποτοποιείο

agia-moni-1apostakt tsipThis tour is offered ideally for all those who love walking in nature and seek to reach a place differently. So we leave our car in the area of Pronoia, (a few minutes far from the centre of the Old Town of Nafplio) and we begin our walk through an olive grove to reach Agia Moni (an important monastery of the 12th century). We will relax having greek coffee and cool water from the fountain(where every Spring Hera had a bath and became a virgin again) with a traditional loukoumaki, a treat from the nuns. After the conducted tour in the Monastery area we will continue our walk in the countryside towards the local traditional distillery which is open since 1869. Tasting and guided tour.
Ouzo or liqueur that we will try will make our day!

Duration: 90 minutes approximately.

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The tour of Agia Moni can be combined with other archaeological sites that you wish (Palamidi,Tiryns,Nafplio).


tiryntha-1Very near the town of Nafplio and on the central road which joins Argos with Nafplio, the Mycenaen Acropolis of Tiryns concerns a quiet and less visited archaeological place. It offers the advantage to the visitor to walk along the Cyclopean Walls, to stand inside the Mycenean Palace and from there to admire the magnificent view in absolute peacefulness.

tirintha-2It concerns an impressive Acropolis with high walls certainly more ancient than the Mycenean Walls. It might have been an important harbour of that age as the sea was just 1klm away from the spot.

The hill of Ancient Tiryns was inhabited from the Neolithic Era without a pause until the Roman years. The finds are remarkable and are kept today in the Archeological museum of Nafplio.

The floors of the buildings of the Palace are retrieved very well so that you get the sensation that we are walking on top of the ground plan of the Acropolis. Musing the view of the Argolic gulf we will remember the labours of Hercules, the stories of King Proiton the founder of Tiryns, the adventure of Alcmene, Danaos with his 50 daughters and many other myths which are associated with the area of Argolis.

Duration: 60 minutes approximately.

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The tour of Tiryns can be combined with other archaeological sites that you wish (Mycenae, Heraion, Nemea, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Palamidi).

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