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Dendra - Heraio

arxaio hraio argolida

We begin our tour from Ancient Heraio where the visitor can see mostly the foundations of the imposing and glorious archaic buildings (porticos ,the gymnasium, the temple of Hera, the altar, thermes).The location is enchanting and certainly ideal for the most significant sanctuary of the beloved goddess of Argos Hera.

At this place you can experience the discovery of the old through ideal circumstances and calmness as a very small number of visitors arrive there. For those who love hiking follows a beautiful route in nature, approximately an hour’s walk.

From the archeological area a path will lead us to two small churches: Panagia Vaserca and Prophet Elia.

arxaio hraioarxaio hraioarxaio hraio

After the walk we return to the parking of Heraio and by car we continue towards Dendra. In a few minutes we will find ourselves in the Mycenaen necropolis where Swedish and Greek archeologists brought to light mycenean chamber and shaft graves. The most important find is the marvelous bronze armourwhich is kept at the Archaeological museum of Nafplio. There we will have the opportunity to talk about the Mycenaen Civilization and the burial customs of that era.

Duration: 150 minutes approximately.

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