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Tours on foot

palia poliThe best way to experience the old town of Nafplio is to walk it. Put on your comfortable shoes, your smile and choose tour the tour that suits you.

one Classical tour of the Old Town

The buildings and statues tell the story of the town. After admiring the statue of Kolokotronis and Kapodistrias we enter from the Gate of Land (pyli xiras) and see the first high school of Greece and the statue of Otto. We light a candle in the church of Saint George and admire the fresco of the Last Supper. Through a likeable alley we reach the church of Saint Spyridon, we revive the assasination of Kapodistrias. At Constitution Square (Syntagmatos square) we admire the first Parliament of modern Greece, the Trianon and the Venetian arsenal. We get to know Calliope Papalexopoulou. From there we pass by Panagitsa church and reach the bastion Pente Adelfia (5 brothers). We admire the view of the Argolic gulf and Bourtzi. We walk up to the neighbourhood of Psaromachala learning important information about the architecture, a romantic view of the town, walking down we touch the walls of Acronafplia leading us to the foot of Palamidi.

Duration:90minutes approximately, For private tours book here.

two Everyday life in Nafplio

The town of Nafplio has a particular atmosphere. In its alleys, behind the bougainvilleas live and work people who love this town very much. Come and learn the art of their profession simultaneously associating it with the history of the town. Walking through the town, admiring the monuments and buildings we learn about the past and we come in touch with its people. Our stroll can include a visit to:

  • a workshop of ceramics
    • a workshop and museum of worry-bead
    • a workshop of pasta
    • a workshop of sandals

Following we have the chance to taste sweet flavours. The spices lead you to the traditional doughnuts (loukoumades) we watch the way they are prepared and of course we taste them. Homemade icecream with lots of unusual flavours. Our tasty trip continues to handmade chocolate in a traditional cake-shop, our tour will end with a lot of local ouzo or wine at the traditional cellar of the town. Cheers!!! 

loukoumades pergamondo karonis nafpliokompoloiergastiri pylouargaleios maria

Duration:120minutes approximately, For private tours book here.

three A glance of Nafplio and a visit to the Archaeological Museum


Experience the historical centre having a short but sufficient sightseeing of the historical monuments of the town of Nafplio. The route we will follow will be the same as the classical tour. We end up at Constitution square so that we can visit the Archaealogical museum which lodged the Venetian arsenal of the 19th century. The exhibits will take us back to the prehistoric age. We will experience the Mycenean Palaces of Argolis (Asini, Tirins, Midea). We will admire the exhibits of the historical years from Ermionida and the wider area. Finally we will be able to watch the film «ΤΟ.ΡΑ.ΚΕ.» by Philip Koutsaftis which refers to the bronze mycenean armour of Dendra.

Meeting point: in consultation with me.
Duration: 120minutes approximately.

For Private tours book here

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