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National gallery

National Gallery
Under the management of Marina Lambraki-Plaka and with the initiative of the prominent citizen of Nafplio and ex-president of the State Audit Council, Apostolos Botsos, was the department of the Art Gallery in Nafplio founded in 2004. The building, a courtesy of the Municipality of Nafplio, was restored and equipped museum-like with the aid of the public welfare institution: "Alexandros S. Onasis". 

The neoclassical building where the gallery is held, houses a collection of works of art dedicated to the liberating cause of the Greeks against the Turks (Th. Vrizakis, F. Margaritis, Dion. Tsokos, N. Gyzis, Nik. Lytras and more) which underlines and provides the aesthetic element to the historic note of the city of Nafplio. The aim of this collection of paintings seeks to glorify the struggles of the Greeks and their ongoing yoke, extracting the realistic element of the cause and escalating them to the sphere of the idealistic.

The waging war against the Turks symbolized the clash between Culture and Savagery, the Holy Cross with the Crescent Moon, Freedom versus Oppression.

Most of the scenes serve to make the visitor get moved by, to stress the esoteric conflicts, the passion and the overflowing emotional waves of the oppressed, to teach and guide the viewer into the element of emulation.

There is no denying that the events are molded in a moralistic attitude which helps to intensify the moment and transport the viewer into the very tragedy of the protagonists.

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