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Our tour begins at the sanctuary of Zeus which is located in a very hospitable and well-looked after archeological site full of flowers and trees with shades where we can stand and enjoy the beauty of the scenery.
The visit at the museum which preserves important finds will travel us to the age where the Panhellenic games took place «the Nemea».

In the second part of our tour we will see the Stadium which is located in an outstanding area about 400 metres southeast of the sanctuary. It is estimated that its capacity was 40.000 spectators, who gathered from almost every part of the country. A wreath of wild celery was the reward of victory in commemoration to the cradle of wild celery where Ofeltis died of snake bite. For this visit we use the same ticket as the one in the museum and that's how we complete our visit in Nemea.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Private tour
Meeting point: parking area of Archeological site of Nemea.

After the tour I would suggest a visit to the local winery -few minutes from the Archeological area is the old viniculture zone of Greece, the country of Agiorgitiko the most outstanding and famous Greek variety.
We can experience the production process of wine, walk through the vineyards and of course for conclusion tasting will gift a unique experience of taste from Nemea. 



Winery Palyvos /Skouras.


Together we can organize the plan that suits you! The private tours can be combined with other archeological sites that you wish. (Tiryns, Epidaurus, Heraion, Mycenae, Nafplio).

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